Wealth Creation On YouTube

Wealth Creation On YouTube


This video will help you explode your wealth creation on YouTube.  There are some simple rules to follow in the growth phase of a small YouTube channel.  Let’s jump right into the nuts and bolts of how to create wealth on YouTube.  Firstly you must have an active You tube account, and be partnered with Google AdSense.  Focus your channel on one theme or topic.  My channel on you tube is called pettlepop, it focuses on funny cat videos.  Your aim is to make videos in and around the topic of your channel theme.  Once these goals have been achieved your next step is to upload quality videos daily.  The aim is to make your videos at least a few minutes in length, that way it triggers You Tube algorithms to display ads before, during and after your videos. That is where the bulk of your revenue will come from.  The next step is to start engaging with your audience members by replying to comments. Upload challenging and engaging videos that will trigger a response from your audience.  Make the video funny, sad, scary, emotional etc. that way your audience members will want to comment on your video or share it on another social media platform thus creating more exposure for your videos. The more comments, thumbs up and social media sharing your video gets, the more video views, promotion and exposure your videos and channel as a whole will receive. This is where your videos and channel will really start to grow.  Your revenue from Google AdSense will also start to grow and that growth will be exponential.  Best of luck and may your channel explode in wealth creation.





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