Explode your YouTube channel with this secret number

This video will expose the truth behind YouTube algorithms and help you rank your videos in the google search engine which will then explode your channel with millions of video views. The secret number formula is hidden in this video and will be revealed shortly. Small YouTube channels struggle to gain traction in an ever crowded video market but this simple trick will help you explode your channel.
My Apple I Pad revealed this secret number which I will put a link in the description box below this video. Get ready to type this number into google and watch the first video in that pops up. The number is as follows 112604895118871879586 this number sequence was displayed when other users started to respond to my videos. I typed this number into Google and sure enough it reveals my YouTube channel name “Pettlepop” and some of my videos. Type this number into google 112604895118871879586 and try it for yourself. The next step is to place this number 112604895118871879586 into your YouTube videos, tags, the About page on YouTube and your channel keywords.
This simple step will gain you much needed internet traffic, which in turn will excite your video views and in turn will explode your channel.
Good luck and happy hunting for your special secret internet number.
Pettlepop – The home of funny cat videos on YouTube


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